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with Marie Lou
At AyurYoga Eco-Ashram, Mysore-Kerala, South India

A unique type of retreat to harmonize the body and mind through yoga and creative painting to explore and express the sub-conscious mind. The sea-side location in a peaceful village, coupled with yoga, meditation, yogic diet and spontaneous creativity through painting can sooth the nerves and enable you to swim in the hidden depths of your own mind.

Most of the yoga and meditation practitioners know that dealing with sub-conscious mind is not so easy. It takes years, if not decades to silence the sub-conscious thoughts from regular meditation and to really enter into that thoughtless state of mind. But what many practitioners don't know is how to let go of that sub-conscious mind through creative and conscious art – which is not so different from meditation.

Who can Come?

Anybody with interest in yoga, meditation, art, personal growth... It is not necessary to have any prior experience in these fields. Beginners as well as intermediate and advanced seekers and art lovers are welcome.

What do I learn in this Retreat?

During this art retreat with a celebrated artist, Marie Lou, you will enter into a fuller dialogue with your mind and learn to unleash the hidden Self within you. Incisive questions will guide you to discover what is unique and essential in your work, in your vision and in your being.

Through painting, colors, stickers you can explore sensations through creative expression and come out with concrete steps to support personal development and authentic self expression. The facilitator Marie Lou will help you to grow and trust your creative vision so that you have a greater clarity and boldness in the direction you need to take with your art and heart of life.

About Marie Lou

Marie Lou is an artist based in France and travels around the world in giving and sharing her Art Therapy retreats and exhibitions. As a Master of Contemporary Art Paintings in Cannes, she won the bronze medal in 2008 and a silver medal in 2010. In the last four years she gave exhibitions in various parts of France, Greece, New York, Caribbean Islands, British Virgin Islands and received high appreciation and rave reviews in news papers and art magazines.

She is also a practitioner of yoga and meditation for many years, and trained from Dharma Mittra and Sivananda styles. She completed 200 hours Teacher Training with Yoga Vidya and qualified Yoga Teacher. She is also trained in various healing practices, including the Gestalt Massage Therapy.

All the painting on this page are drawn by Marie Lou. You can see more of her paintings from her website:

Other Teachers

Marie Lou will be leading the daily 5-hour Art classes in this retreat. There will be other traditional teachers from our school to teach yoga, pranayamas, meditation and yoga nidra (yoga relaxation) every morning.  Also there will be evening Video shows or any cultural program. 

Daily Schedule

06.00 – 06.45 am: Meditation
07.00 – 09.00 am: Yoga (includes pranayamas & relaxation)
09.00 – 11.00 pm: Breakfast and free time
11.00 – 01.00 pm: Art Class (1st session)
02.00 – 03.00 pm: Tea with snacks/fruit salad
03.00 – 06.00 pm: Art Class (2nd Session)
06.15 – 07.00 pm: Meditation & Mantras
07.00 pm: Dinner & Rest
08.00 pm: Occasional Video-show/movies related to Art

Up Coming Dates 

01-05 December 2015
05-09 January 2016
09-13 February 2016
15-19 March 2016
19-23 April 2016

Arrival: On the evening before the start date, to begin early on the start date. 
Departure: Farewell dinner at 7 pm on the last day - you can leave next morning. 
Duration: Six Nights of Stay, Five days of Classes.  

Course Costs:

$300 US  Dollars

What it includes:

  • Art classes - 5 hours a day
  • Painting materials - Canvas, brushes, papers, colours, art book, tools etc..
  • Yoga, Meditation, Mantras - 3 hours a day 
  • Food & Drinking Water ( See further explanation below)
  • Accommodation in a private eco-cottage on the riverside
  • Additional Stay: $20/day for Private Room + $10/day for food
  • Internet: If you have your own  computer/phone, free wi-fi will be provided. 
    For using computers in the reception/office, a nominal charge is applied. 

What it does not include:

  • Flight Tickets
  • Airport Transfer:  Bangalore or Calicut International Airport - we will pick you up at Extra cost - $70/Taxi which can be shared with other students. 
  • Laundry (is available in our campus for a nominal price)

Location & Accommodation

All Accommodation will be in the Deluxe Wooden Cottages facing the River and beautiful panoramic surrounding in a 20 Acre AyurYoga Eco-Ashram, near Mysore, South India. All rooms are attached with a private closet with showers, western toilets and also a mini pantry with a kettle to make tea/hot water on your own. Cooking not allowed. 

At the moment, we are in the process of making a new website for this newly started AyurYoga Eco-Ashram with complete practical info. and photos of all our facilities. Till then, please check this page in this website: AyurYoga Eco-Ashram, Mysore-Kerala, India.

Food & Drinks

For the guests staying in our campus we provide healthy and nutritious Indian Vegetarian meals. Eggs, meat and fish are not provided in our campus.

06.45 am: Morning Tea
09.30 am: Indian Brunch with salad and Tea
02.30 pm: Fruits or snacks with Herbal Drinks
07.00 pm: Dinners with tasty Indian dishes. 

We provide filtered Drinking Water 24 hours of the day in the campus. If you are new to Indian food and doesn't suit your stomach we will provide the alternatives like porridge, cornflakes, muesli,  etc.  


For enquiries please contact us now or email to Marie Lou:

Please look for the photos from our past Art Retreat on our Facebook page 

yoga meditation art retreat india 

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Yoga Retreat India Mysore

Yoga Retreat India Mysore

Yoga Retreat India Mysore

Yoga Retreat India Mysore

yoga retreat in india

Yoga Retreat India Mysore