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Yoga Immersion Retreat

At AyurYoga Eco-Ashram, Mysore-Kerala, South India

This tw0 week Yoga Immersion Retreat builds the practical and theoretical foundation to master the yoga in a systematic way. Besides two daily yoga sessions with demonstrations and detailed instructions, the meditation and theory classes are incredibly valuable – for all levels of students. Without this philosophical and spiritual background to your practice, yoga can be reduced to just any other fitness exercise.

Please note this retreat will be running in parallel with ongoing teacher training retreat. You will be sharing Meditation and one theory class  (Philosophy or Ayurveda) with Teacher Training Students.  The morning Yoga class is divided for Beginners and Intermediate/Advanced students in two separate class rooms. 

For more info: about this program please visit our new website: Yoga Immersion

Upcoming Retreat Dates: 

02-15 June 2015
17 - 30 June 2015
07-20 July 2015
22 July - 04 Aug. 2015
10-23 August 2015
25 Aug - 07 Sept. 2015

02-15 November 2015
17 - 30 November 2015
07-20 December 2015
22 Dec. - 04 Jan. 2016
11-24 January 2016
26 Jan - 08 February 2016
15-28 February 2016
1 - 14 Mar. 2016

Daily Schedule:

06.00 - 06.40 am: Meditation and Kriyas (Neti)
07.00 – 09.00 am: Hatha Yoga & Pranayamas (Gentle & Advanced Separate)
09.00 – 11.00 am: Brunch & free time
11.00 – 12.30 pm: Philosophy or Ayurveda
2.00 – 02.30 pm: Fruits & Tea time
04.30 – 06.30 pm: Hatha Yoga & Pranayamas
06.30 – 07.00 pm: Yoga Nidra /Meditation
07.00 - 08.00 pm: Dinner
08.00 - 09.00 pm: Video Shows/Chanting (optional)

Retreat Donation / Fees:

$700 USD - All Classes + Food + Accommodation in a twin-share room
$900 USD - All Classes + Food + Accommodation in a Private room

US$300 non-refundable & non-transferable deposit is needed for booking a place.
The balance amount can be paid after your arrival here in Cash in any major currency or American Express Travellers Checks. Please check with us in advance about other payment options like Bank Transfers, Credit/Debit Cards, Paypal, Western Union etc. 

For Non-USD currency, we charge as per the current exchange rates  from  at the time of payment.

This fees doesn't include flights, Airport Transfers, Day-tours or any other transport costs.

About Mysore

If you have never heard about Mysore, it is known as the capital of yoga in South India and a perfect gateway to explore South Indian culture steeped in thousands of years of past Hindu Heritage. It is located in the middle of all cultural and spiritual places in four South Indian states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.  

What made us to change to Mysore, instead of Himalayas, is it’s good weather throughout the year and it meets a lot of our practical needs like transport, comfortable rooms and proper food etc. The cultural feasts of this place can balance the 9 hour a day intensive training you will be going through a month long very special time of your life.

For more information about Mysore please check our Orientation Guide or else:


All accommodation at AyurYoga Eco-Ashram are in eco-cottages with balcony overlook the flowing river and valley around. All rooms are attached with washrooms that contains western toilets, solar hot showers, sinks etc.. Each room of 12 x 14 feet size is very spacious for two people and a luxury for a single occupancy. Please look at the photos of the rooms on our Ashram page.  

Foods & Drinks

We provide sattvic Indian foods & drinks, which are less spicy and beneficial to the practice of yoga and meditation. Meat and fish are not allowed in our campus. Eggs can be provided on demand, if you think you need more proteins.

06.30 am: Hot Lemon Ginger Drink or Tea without milk  
09.00 am: Brunch with Kichdi, two curries and chapati etc..
02.00 pm: Fruit Salad with Herbal Drinks
07.30 pm: Indian Light foods with vegetables, salads and occasional desserts.

We understand that Indian food is new to your stomachs and make sure that you are getting the right food. If anything doesn't suite your tummy, we will provide you with bread, porridge, cornflakes, eggs or any other alternative food that suites your stomach.

Cultural Trips:

We will be organizing a Cultural Tour on every seventh day which is a day-off from the classes, for visiting the important places to expose you to the magic of India. The tour costs are NOT included in the course fees and needs to be paid separately. It will cost about $10 to $20 for this trip. 

Arrival & Departure

Day before starting date: Arrival and rest
Starting Date: Opening Ceremony and Orientation Day
Next day to starting date: Full schedule
Day 7: Cultural Tour
Last Day: Departure ( possible to extend your stay)

Additional days of Stay 

You are welcome to arrive before or staying on or after the retreat dates. An additional charge of $20/day for twin-share, $30/day for Private room + all meals and drinks.  

Indian Visa-on-Arrival

Recently the Govt. of India is issuing 30 day 'tourist' visa on arrival - for certain nationalities. Please check this website for more info:

Please note you still need to fill the Visa application online from the above website and get the e-visa that will be sent to you by email. You will have to show the print out of this e-visa to get 'Visa-on-Arrival' at any major airports in India. 

How to Get Here?

Please check the 'Ashram' page for all practical info. until our new website will be ready in December 2013. 

For enquiries and bookings please Contact Us now or 

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