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We are not teaching at this place anymore! Please check our new ashram in Mysore.

Varkala is a beautiful seaside village where the oceans and mountains touch in tranquil surroundings. Walking on the five kilometer long cliff above the beach along the coconut trees of peaceful villages makes this place very special, especially for Western tourists. During the tourists’ season from November to March, the peaceful village of Varkala gets crowded with lots of tourists and buzz of holiday activities…

At this time, a decent room would cost about $10 a day and the front-side rooms (like ours) on the seaside with great views of Arabian ocean would cost more than double the normal rates. During the December and January all prices would go up two to three times at least... Sometimes it would be difficult to find a room even with these high prices…

Our Campus at Odayam Beach

We are leasing two side-by-side campuses (formerly resorts) for our students and give them for less than half the price of what our neighboring guest houses charge in this area.  The Odayam Beach is five minutes walking distance from our gate and most of the rooms and roof-top have amazing views of the ocean. Odayam is very small place with just half a dozen resorts and no other houses or commercial activity in the surroundings. At the same time, it is just 15 minutes walking distance to the main tourist cliff in Varkala with all the tourist buzz and facilities available.  

Types of Rooms

All our rooms are high-standard, comparing to other rooms in Varkala – with two beds in each room, nice flooring, attached bathrooms with western toilets, showers, sinks etc…and most of the rooms with private balcony overlooking the ocean.  We classify and price our rooms in three Categories:

Out of 16 rooms, 8 of them are Deluxe Rooms with private balconies and sea-view and four of them are very close to the sea. Two of our Top-floor Rooms are the best ones in our campus. They are very spacious and have private balconies with amazing views… Standard Rooms are of various size and spread in our both campuses. They also have two beds and attached bathrooms, but without a private balcony or sea-view.

Private Rooms

If you want a private room, we allot our Standard Rooms for single occupancy, which also have two beds and attached baths.  Some of them are small in size and others are big enough for two people. Otherwise, the only difference is they don’t have a private balcony and you can’t see the sea from your room.  If you want this kind of room, you will have to register early as we have just six of them.

Deluxe & Top-floor Rooms for sharing with another Student

If we have to give our Deluxe and Top-floor rooms for the normal prices of this area, it’s going to be too expensive for most of the students. So, we offer all the Deluxe & top-floor rooms with two separate beds and private balconies for two students in one room. That makes it cheaper and also you will be giving a chance to another student to benefit from our courses. After all, sharing our life with universe is at the very root of yoga tradition that we teach.

At first, we find a roommate for you, after going through the background history you provide us in our online application. After your arrival here, it is possible to swap a room, if you really need to. We don’t put male and female together in the same room, unless they are a couple and registered at the same time.

Please note it is a spiritual exercise itself to be able to live with a fellow-student and try to adjust with personal peculiarities and help each other… According to our old students, it has been a great experience to share a room with a fellow student or seeker, from a different country and cultural background…

Tent Accommodation

If you have your own tent, we have space for at least two to three tents to be put up in our campus. If the students from private rooms are willing to give the mattress from their unused bed, you will get a mattress, if it fits in your tent.  You will have to use the common bathroom in the Garden which is very basic and has Indian style of toilet.

Rooms outside our Campus

If all our rooms are completely booked, then we can find a room for you in the nearby guesthouses (or resorts as they call it). Then it will cost you at least $10 dollars a day, and during Christmas season (from 15 December to 15 January) not less than $30 a day, if we could manage to find a room at all.

Room Tariff  for 30 days:
Sea View
$150 each
$200 each
$100 each
May be
If you have any further questions, feel free to Contact Us now.


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Our Seaside Campuses at Odayam Beach, Varkala, Kerala

Standard Rooms for Single Occupancy

Deluxe Rooms for Double Occupancy

Top-floor Rooms for Double Occupancy

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